[Possible OT] California, and running off of generators for e

Unnamed Administration sources reported that Karyn Ulriksen said:

Not sure about others, but we are already supplementing our Edison feed with
our backup power supplies. If we didn't we'd be meeting brown out
conditions. We have the diesel generator scheduled to go online when our
battery reserves dwindle to a range that we have determined. Why? Hassle.
Seems the appropriate way to work. Diesel is noisy and creates bad neighbor
relations. Pick a reason.

Most Diesels are rated for "standby" use. The difference may well
be max load but you better ask Caterpillar, Detroit, etc.

Note the units have lifetimes between overhaul; you must factor
a replacement/rebuild allowance into the hourly running cost.

You also need maint. down time for changing the oil, etc.
That's likely doable at 0dark30 in this situation.

And of course, if the standby Diesel is in fact the primary
power source....you need a standby standby Diesel as well.