Portable Cooling

I searched the archives and couldn't find anything about a portable cooling
units so am resorting to posting, sorry if its redundant.

I am setting up a development lab and need additional cooling on a temporary
basis. I recall a product called, "move n kool"? It looked like the robot
on lost in space. They used to advertise in Boardwatch when Boardwatch was
cool. (when Jack was running it) Not sure of the spelling, but wondered if
anyone has had experience that or anything like it.



--Phil Rosenthal
ISPrime, Inc.


shows them there.


Yea, I got one in my little server room in the office. Building gave me
the choice of getting one of those when I moved in, or throwing a full
blown water chiller based system in the AC room, I took the cheaper
path. Works OK, wish I had gotten one model bigger than what I have (the