Portability of 206 address space

The interNIC has already stated that allocations can *not* be guaranteed
to be 'routable', so it stands to reason that the interNIC (or any other
registry, for that matter) need not concern itself with the issue of
portability. As you mentioned, this is strictly a matter between the ISP(s)
and the customer(s).

- paul

I think portable wrt the NICs may be:

(1) The 'Portable' vs. 'Non-Portable' marker on the ISP IP request template

(2) The 'Portable' vs. 'Non-Portable' marker on whois queries that says:


Now, as to what it *means*, it probably means that if you asked the NIC
in question, they'd say 'touch luck' if you wanted to contest a SWIPping
away from you of the space, I suppose.

Of course, since the NIC refuses to delegate > /16s worth of in-addr.arpa,
unless you have a <= /16 from your provider, you're not going to get useful
in-addr.arpa from your old provider if they don't want you to.