POP energy management during power shortages

California's government has shown a propensity to issue orders during the
current power situation which don't always make sense. The power industry
points to the presence of large Internet colocation buildings in California
as one cause for the current power shortages.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning
Engineers has three sessions at this year's annual meeting on the topic.

- What Is ASHRAE's Design Role in Times of More Frequent Power Interruptions?
- Internet Hotels/Data Centers: Opportunities and Challenges of the New Economy
- What Is ASHRAE´┐Żs Role in the Current Electric Supply Crisis?

The Governor has already ordered some businesses to turn off some lights. And
even hospitals have been bounced back and forth between rolling blackouts and

If the state turns its attention towards large colocation buildings, is there
any scientific research supporting the energy management practices of these
buildings? This summer when the media will be exorting the public to turn
their home air conditioners up to 80 degrees F, and some telephone companies
keep their POP's at 85F, what is the scientific support for keeping colo's
at their existing temperatures?

If its a case of "IBM says so," where is the supporting research?

I don't think the Internet is at risk due to the power situation. Even
daily power interruptions won't affect the typical modern colo building.

But if politicians get involved, all bets are off.

I don't disagree with that, what I think everyone misses including the media
is that there are to many people coming here and it is taxing the water the
air quality and the other resources with overpopulation and thus destroying
the entire eco system.

Sean Donelan wrote: