[political pontification] Re: Turkey has switched Root-Servers

Are there operational issues to attempt to make this thread remotely on
point for NANOG? Probably not. Its just bits, and whether the bits are all
0x000 or quasi-random distributions between 0x000 and 0x177 is water under
somebody else's bridge. The constraint-space is "solve in applications" and
not "solve in infrastructure".

s/0x177/0x377/. I'm such a dolt. ENOCOFFEE. The 8th bit is the point, for
some values of point.

VC: yes, that's the current vector at any rate although I gather there is
still effort being put into constraint rules at both infrastructure and
application level?

Back when I still worked for a well-heeled, if only through pyramid-scams
on investers in the North American numbering and speculative DNS markets,
employer and could afford to go to IETF meetings, I did talk to people in
the MTA and other lines of work about foo-in-infrastructure.

One can hope that people do the correct things, but sometimes they need to
be reminded what "correct" and "do" mean.

I wonder what goodies and treats await me in this tasty tarball ... after
all "sendmail X is 8 bit transparent" ...