Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

You are the biggest ISP in Europe aren't you? How big? Couldn't you spend
a few quid on incorporating Demon Internet Services Inc. in the USA?
Wouldn't you then be eligible for IP addresses from the US Internic?

This has been consdidered I understand... but we want to play the game
and make the rules better, not cheat :slight_smile:

In a classless IPV4 world in which the old Class A address area is in
production use, would we have enough available IP addresses for providers
to do this on a large scale assuming that they would have near 100%
utilization in the blocks that were being allocated statically?

Didn't the experiment with 39/8 show that it was safe to allocate
classlessly out of the old Class A addresses?

I think so and yes :slight_smile: