Policy Statement on Address Space Allocations

I think that we solved that problem by providing full information for
all of the routes to routers within the area, and none outside.
If you wish to correct me, feel free.

So everyone w/in the area can get to all of these sites (& since they
have to carry full routes, they don't save any routing table space),
and everyone outside of this area has no routes to any part of the area
and thus can't get to any of these sites at all?

Half correct. Everyone in the area carries full routes for the block.
Everyone outside the area can listen to only the /8 advertisement.
Once their packets get within the geographical area, then the routers
will know what to do with it.

So, no matter how bad a swamp this block becomes (and that would be
avoided if possible, but...), it doesn't impact the outside world
very much (1 advertisement and more-than-normal care on filter sets,
since this is a special case).