Policies affecting the Internet as a whole - Hitting where it hurts

This raises important issues, though. What do we expect providers to do?
Do we expect them to take action based on email received from
unknown people? It seems from some of the other posts on this topic that
we do expect that.

Most providers that I have dealt with will take action against a user
who is originating spam when the information mailed to them from this
unknown person can be coroborated with information they gleen from
system logs and the users activities etc. Although you can't
realistically persue most hack attempts with legal action, the host
provider, from my observations, is more than willing to kick the SOB
off their systems.

The question remains though, "Whats reasonable?" Each provider has a
different view of what they should or should not do when presented
with a report of "abuse" from one of their customers. I'm almost
certain this has already been done in some fasion but I'm not aware of
where it might be housed so... It would be nice if some group (Hey,
wait a minute.. we're something of a group..) could come up with an
"Acceptable Use Policy" that people could subscribe to or use as a
base for building their own policy. Keeping a list of people who have
agreed to this policy or a varient of it might help new services to
get the hint that this sort of stuff just doesn't go very well with
many people on the net.