Points on your Internet driver's license (was RE: Even you can be

> My arguments are in respect to broadband connections to homes and offices
> without IT department, firewalls or cluefulness. If you own your own IP
> space you'd be considered an ISP, buying transit rather than broadband
> home DSL. What the physical wire looks like the service is delivered on
> really doesn't matter.
WRONG... I am not an ISP, and, my ARIN registration says so...

My apologies, wrong choice of words on my part. You have your own block of
IP space assigned to you and not some static or dynamic number that
belongs to your ISP.

All I was trying to say is that you are not a typical ISP customer. No
matter what pricing your ISP applies to your connection, getting you
connected takes more than signing up for a basic internet account.

I am a home end-user ADSL subscriber. It's as simple as that. Yes, I
happen to have my own address space. That's partly an artifact of the
reality that I've been doing this longer than you (and many others on
this list) and got my address space back when. However, I don't think I
should be financially penalized for that.

That depends on your relationship with your ISP.