[pointer] Senators Embrace Mandatory Data Keys

More shocking insights into how even people who should
know better refer to members of the Senate of the
United States of America as "your elected officials"
on a North American newsfroup that used to be about
current network issues...

Of course Canada is the 51st state, Mexico is
South America, and none of the Carribean, Bermuda,
Greenland or St Pierre et Miquelon are entitled to be
part of North America (and don't run networks anyway).

Oh and besides, even if the country you are in doesn't
have these problems, America's laws will override those
in your tiny unimportant backwaters (like Germany or
Japan) anyway, because only America upholds personal
freedoms around the world.

Oops, so I guess they ARE your officials (in that they can make
you submit to their rules), and they are elected (by a surprisingly
small number of U.S. citizens). My mistake.


P.S.: If anyone other than Digex runs publically accessible
  looking glass software, would you mind dropping me a note?
  Several people in the 52nd state are thinking about
  doing the same and seek experience on access policies
  and overall usage figures. Sorry if this seems vaguely
  operational. I didn't mean it. Honest.