Point to MultiPoint VPN w/qos


We have acquired a new client that has 98 remote endpoints. At each site
there is a need for 4 ip telephones and two vpn tunnels back to
two separate datacenters. (1 voice, 1 citrix farm). The sites don't talk
to each other, just to the two data centers.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a single piece of hardware that would
support 8 or less Ethernet interfaces and the two vpn tunnels ?


Yes, a SonicWALL NSA 240 has 8 interfaces built in....

This sounds like a very fun project....

I would go with Cisco's DMVPN, and its multiple endpoint offerings. A
19xx router sounds like it would meet your needs for the remotes.

Spoke-to-Spoke tunnels are created on-demand, can use dynamic routing, and
it supports multicast for things like Music on Hold, etc.

Contact me offline and I can share more.


Single piece of hardware, no. If 2, then yes.

A PCengines Alix 2D3 with pfSense/m0n0wall and OpenVPN UDP tunnels to the datacenter combined with a Power over Ethernet switch would seem a likely combination. A HP Procurve 8 Port gigabit desktop switch with PoE comes to mind. Not too expensive, fanless, quiet, reliable does VLANS.

That way you can power the router and phones from the same (smallish) UPS. Say a 700VA APC.


CheckPoint Series 80 has 10 ports.
I think there is a Juniper option as well.


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DMVPN would only work with 100% cisco hardware right?

Correct. But it works very well and is really simple to build and manage. We use 8xx routers on our spokes, very cheap.

Yes, but look in 891s at the remotes, the 19xx are too expensive for only 4 devices.... Just my 2c

IFRC, the 19xx and 18xx are slower than the new 89x series. We are transitioning away from 18xx because of limitations on the platform that the 89x doesn't have. When the 18xx came out a few years ago they were amazing, the new 89x are even better.


I'd say the 89x platform is the way to go if 8 ports weren't needed. Correct me if i am wrong...

I believe the 89x have a built-in 8 port switch plus 2 WAN Ethernet.


it does. The older 87x only had a 4 port. The new 89x are the replacement for the 181x series.


I stand corrected.