PoC for shortlisted DDoS Vendors


What about open source alternatives? Main part of commercial ddos filters
are simple high performace firewalls with detection logic (which much times
more stupid than well trained network engineer).

But attacks for ISP is not arrived so iften and detection part coukd be
executed manually (or with oss tools like netflow analyzers or my own
FastNetMon toolkit).

For wire speed filtration on 10ge (and even more if you have modern cpu; up
to 40ge) you could use netmap-ipfw with linux or freebsd with simple
patches (for enabling multy process mode).

Hello Pavel,

I'm certainly biased to the open-source tools if they do the job
required, and I appreciate your effort exerted on this project. However,
based upon what I saw under the "features" list of your tool, I assume
that it can detect only volumetric DDoS attacks based upon anomalies
such as excessive number of packets/bits/connections/flows per second
based upon some previously learnt or set threshold values.

But what about the protocol types of attack, which, in my humble opinion
is becoming more aggressive day after day?

Mohamed Kamal
Core Network Sr. Engineer


Yes, my toolkit can detect only volumetric attacks now. But I have finished
performance tests for http protocol parser which could work on wire speed
too. And I'm sure I will add support for http attack detection soon.

Btw, syn flood attack detection could be implemented in few hours in
current code base. If anyone interested in it I will do it shortly.

In my day to day work we got fewbattacks everyday.

They divided 50/50 for dns/ssdp/snmp amplification and syn flood on http

Other attacks is not dangerous for our network and backbone and mitifated
manually in each case.