Plethora of UUnet outages and instabilities

I agree Jon its insane, I chuckle when I see all these networks melting because
the insist on using Cisco routers. Vote with your money and buy something
that works.


What would you suggest? I've looked into the Ascend GRF, and if it
performs as much as they hype it (never trust a salesman) then it must be
one kickbutt little router. My only question is who has some in a real
world setup, doing BGP/OSPF/RIP? I tried talking to about their
GRF switchover, and ended up with someone trying to sell me bandwidth.

Joe Shaw -
NetAdmin - Insync Internet Services
"Learn more, and you will never starve." - Paraphrase of Lee

The ascend GRF is one kickbutt little router. We are only using it for
static routing right now, because thats all that we need it for, but it
does have the capabilities to do ospf, bgp and rip. We switched from a
cisco 7500 because of all of the problems that we were having with
packet loss and speed issues and haven't had a problem with it in the
last 2 1/2 months that we've been using it.

Stephen Dolloff
(System Administrator - McHenryCom)

Joe Shaw wrote:

I am happy with them we have 14 in our network right now. Yes they have
some small problems, but Ascend GRF tech support is the best I have seen.
We have some new Cisco stuff on the way, and in a few weeks will know if
we are going to ditch GRF and with with Cisco. So far we are still 100%
cisco free, but that may change in a few weeks.

Try the GRF, it is a nice box.

Nathan Stratton President, NetRail,Inc.