Please report issues with


Renesys has since a few days had a blog post at On the 9th I urged them to provide us with any data if they are seeing incorrect responses from NAY instance, and share that with I have so far received a single email from Renesys on friday morning CET time. That email did not contain any data or further information. I asked to share that email with the Nanog list as Renesys will apparently share some results on studies of the in Beijing. I have no insight into what these findings, and Renesys did not respond to my request to see them before hand.

As of today Renesys have updated their blog post with data that seems to indicate that they have seen incorrect responses from an instance. This is the first report of such responses since we re-activated our anycast node in Beijing, and we only saw this by monitoring the comments field to he blog post. At the time of re-activating the node we did test from all locations we could find and queried the node in Beijing, and we did not see any incorrect responses.

Now, I would request that you all *please* report operational issues with i.root-servers.netm or in case you see any behavior you do not expect to

Unfortunately noone from us will attend the upcoming Nanog meeting, and I can't from the agenda see when the presentation is due. I am happy to answer any questions directly though, and I will try and read Renesys results as soon as they are published. In the mean time, as we are dealing what is potentially an operational problem, please report any issues to us.

To provide some background, I will share some of my responses to the Renesys email on friday - although I admit they are taken out of context I think they do provide some general background information that might be worth sharing.