please help - survey on network operations costs


We are developing a tool that helps ISPs optimize for cost when making
decisions about both internal routing and interconnection for planning and
traffic management. To develop the underlying algorithms, we need a better
sense of how various factors contribute to an ISP's overall operational
costs. Our objective is not to obtain specific numbers---we understand
that individual ISPs may have very confidential information about pricing,
and that you may not want to share that with us. Rather, we are seeking to
build a model that any operator could use by plugging in specific numbers.

Constructing this model still requires some understanding of the
relative costs of various factors. We would appreciate any help you can
provide. In return, we will (1) share the results of the survey with
you (after anonymizing appropriately); (2) work with you to apply our
optimization technique to your network to see if it can help reduce your
overall costs.

Thank you very much for any help you can provide,
Nick and Murtaza