PlayStationNetwork blocking of CGNAT public addresses

Maybe its time then for a global accepted, unified way to send/report abuse?
That should solve most of the issues and end points would be able to deal with it in a common way and only would need to think about how to integrate it in their crm's etc.
We are all using the same medium, but attempt to communicate issues using several methods.
Perhaps iana can use those (m/b)illions they got from selling tld's and cook something up.

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So you ignore/don't deal with the abuse coz it's shipped in a format you
refuse to handle?

And you don't even bother telling the reporter you would like it in a per
ip format? Or make attempts to make it work the way they report it (split
out the ip's and modify the to be forwarded mail to only contain the ip's
belonging to that customer)???

You will have to remember that these are automated mails from the reporter.
If I write them back it goes into their bit bucket, because they do not
really care enough to bother replying. I am betting they are sending out
thousands mails each day and they can not handle manually replying to all
of that. In the same way we receive a large amount of automated mail so we
have to be able to handle it automatically. Send me something sane and I
will make a script that forwards it. Send me something unusable and I wont
- but I will not do manual handling of your automated mail.

All I am trying to do here is tell people that send abuse mails not to
combine multiple abuse complaints in one mail, because that makes it harder
for everybody and makes it more likely that your mail will be dropped as
too much work. Double so if your abuse mails is from an automated system,
because I will try to match your automated system with my own. However it
is much harder to make a system that can edit your complaint and duplicate
it to several recipients, than it is to run a simple filter that just
forwards the mail as is.

As to PSN they will usually send multiple mails if the abuse is ongoing. At
some point they will send a mail with just one IP and that one gets
forwarded. So we are dropping some of the mails, but the users eventually
get notified anyway. It is not ideal but it works.


Baldur ?

YOu mean ike these RFCs? (OK, so it's an XML schema. Just be glad
it isn't ASN.1 :slight_smile:

5070 The Incident Object Description Exchange Format. R. Danyliw, J.
     Meijer, Y. Demchenko. December 2007. (Format: TXT=171529 bytes)
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6684 Guidelines and Template for Defining Extensions to the Incident
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There are -- see Valdis's followup.

But there's still no viable substitute for a working abuse@ address
with clueful eyeballs on the other side of it. Every responsible and
professional operation on this planet has that. The really good
ones learn from what shows up there and pro-actively deal with abuse
issues before anyone else is bothered by them, which not only makes
them better netizens but reduces the volume of incoming complaints.