PlayStation Network blocking an IP

Can someone form Sony's Playstation network give me call or contact me

One of our apartment complexes has been reporting errors of PS4s not
working for a few days then they start working again.

PSN Support is telling the users to call us.
We have diagnosed it and PSN is blocking the IP of the complex and it has
nothing to do with us.

Velocity Online
Rodger Lewis
850-205-4638 x201

Good luck with that! Sorry, long experience with them tells me that you are unlikely to get any help on that one.

No kidding, just like how every order on newegg of mine will always be cancelled
after the order is placed because of "problems with your order" if I do it


I've been seeing abuse reports from Sony lately, indicating IPs are blacklisted on the Playstation Network, mainly for attempted account compromise.

Indicating to check for traffic towards some endpoints, resolve the complaint else blacklist again, etc, etc. The address they direct inquiries to is - perhaps this is a reason and vector for your issue as well?