If not, you don't have an idea of what your business is going to be
doing. As I said above, you may plan wrong, but you sure as HELL should
have a plan that at least goes a year into the future.

No damn way. No ISP in the business can possibly do that and be telling the

I don't appreciate being called a liar, Karl.

They asked for a PLAN, I supplied a PLAN.


                                             Alan B. Clegg
                                             Information Systems Manager
                                             American Research Group

He who fails to plan, plans to fail! Right on Alan!

John A. Russo
GeoNet Communications, Inc.

We are off the subject here. The idea was to talk about a solution ot he
problem. Thats where this needs to go. The business plan portion of the
Nic request is NOT your entire business plan. They are asking for a
realistic forecast.

At any rate the problem still exists so lets maybe talk about that issue.
We all know the various and sundry side issues.