Ping flooding

Jerry Anderson ( writes:

3. Better TCP windowing and better performance when all
    packets follow the same path.

When I wrote that I was thinking of multiple paths, rather than
asymmetric paths. Compare the TCP performance of packet-based
load balancing to session-based load-balancing.

Vadim Antonov ( writes:

2) Don't Do Any Dynamic Routing Where Only One Path Exists.

Alan Hannan ( writes:

Certainly I would not agree with this rule.

Nor would I. It might make sense in a flat topology, but ours is
more hierarchical. I find network management easier when we push
the details of tail-circuit connections out to the access
router. The less complications in hub and core routers, the

Paul Ferguson ( writes:

'Tis better to black-hole packets than to flap.

In core (EGP) routing, absolutely. However, I haven't noticed
any ill effects of flapping in our internal network.