Pickleball at N89!

Where: Coronado Cays Park (0.5 mi from Loews Coronado Resort)
When: Sunday, October 15, 2023, 3-5 PM

Hey folks!

Come learn to play pickleball! Coach Louie & his hat will teach beginner pickleball. We will cover the rules and basic mechanics of serving, hitting, and volleying during the 1st hour. There will be additional advice on strategy and kill shots: both execution and defense. Then we will have time for some matches.

Paddles & balls will be provided. Dress in comfortable clothes and shoes for sports.

Fill out the sign up sheet at https://forms.gle/qqcWWQ2KPvFFd6XM7 to help us gauge interest, but feel free to come drop in either way!

Transportation is being arranged to take us back & forth from the Loews Coronado Resort. We are planning to meet at the hotel lobby at 2:45 PM, and we expect to be back by 5:15 PM. (This has yet to be confirmed.) If you miss the shuttle, it’s only a 10 minute walk south.

#nanog89, #sports, #pickleball

By the way, there are morning pickleball sessions each morning at 7-9 PM at the Coronado Cays Park. We will meet at 6:45 AM in the hotel lobby each morning to either walk over (only half a mile) or get hotel shuttle over there.

Check the agenda for the latest details!