Pica8 - Open Source Cloud Switch

From nanog-bounces+bonomi=mail.r-bonomi.com@nanog.org Mon Oct 18 09:13:13 2010
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 15:13:35 +0100
From: Nick Hilliard <nick@foobar.org>
To: Brandon Kim <brandon.kim@brandontek.com>
Subject: Re: Pica8 - Open Source Cloud Switch
Cc: nanog@nanog.org

> Good question Nick, what is a cloud switch? Is this like VSS in cisco
> where you have a virtual chassis?

The vss is virtual management software for a virtual switch. This box
looks like a piece of hardware that you can plug things into, so I'm just
wondering what makes this a cloud switch and some other piece of kit not a
cloud switch.

Maybe it has to do with whether the magic smoke is on the inside or the outside
of the box. <grin>