Photos from today's ICANN SSAC meeting on SiteFinder in DC

Declan McCullagh <> 10/7/03 3:58:33 PM >>>

They're here:

I double-checked everyone's names and affiliations but I could have
made an error. If I did, please let me know.


Is it just me or does it look like most of the Verisign guys have
bloodshot eyes? :slight_smile:

Seriously, this reminds me of something I wanted to point out earlier.
Unless I've missed some of his recent posts, it appears to me that Matt
Larson from Verisign has been straightforward with us when he was
allowed to be. I doubt he was required to post here so I'm guessing he
felt that it was necessary to give us what details were available as
soon as he was allowed to do so. I'm obviously not aware of his
circumstances but I have a feeling that he's closer to being 'one of us'
than 'one of them', and if that's the case then kudos go out to him for
posting here at all. It wasn't necessary but he seems to have done it
knowing that he'd take a lot of heat.

If that is the case, someone should hire him away from Verisign and
free him from his bondage. <g>


"Then again, I might be wrong, in which case there's always