Phone adapter with router


Do you know any good router with phone adapters to provide home phone and
internet? We tried couple of them like Linksys, Thomson, etc. and no one
does the job perfectly. Any comment will be appreciated.

Thank you


I've run into a few of these and they seem to do a good job.


Used them in a past life as a SIP ALG and NAT router for a “bring your own broadband” hosted SIP service. Worked well enough.

You might get more suggestions if you provide a little bit more about what your requirements are, how they’re being deployed (one-off, ISP, etc.), or what the others didn’t do well.

Quick hijack: Can anyone recommend a device that will terminate to a
phone, supports SIP, *and* can fallback to SIM for emergency calls?

It should be possible to do the emergency call without a SIM. That way you
got 112 / 911 calls covered...

emergency calls without sim are part of the gsm standard. So unless the
OP's provider is doing something terribly wrong and probably illegal, you
can make a 112 call on any mobile device anywhere in the world within range
of a compatible radio signal.


Can't find a definitive reference but this concurs with my recollection of
a policy introduced in 2009:

Some people think that 999 calls can be made from a phone without a SIM. In
fact, because of the high number of hoax calls, the United Kingdom decided
to block emergency calls from mobile phones without a SIM card.


Better reference:

1.3. Availability of 112 from mobile handsets without SIM cards

By way of complementary information, the countries were invited to
indicate whether SIM-less 112 calls were allowed. Out of the 31 countries
that provided this information, SIM-less 112 calls were reported possible
in 19 Member States, Norway and Iceland. The remaining eight Member States
that do not provide this facility are Bulgaria, Germany (in both these
countries the facility was removed in 2009), the Netherlands (removing the
facility in 2011) Belgium, France, Romania, Slovenia, and the United
Kingdom. Several Member States chose to remove this facility because of the
high proportion of hoax calls originating from SIM less phones.