Phoenix-IX Contact

Does anybody have a contact who works at Phoenix-IX? I have been attempting to reach somebody there for a while now without any luck.

Attempts to each out to as well as Ninja-IX have been without any luck. We also tried reaching out to Paul Emmons via LinkedIn mail and never received a response.

Any assistance either on or off the list is appreciated.


Paul is the correct person.


Thank Bill! I’ve been trying to reach Paul for ages now, hopefully he pops back up again. We want to upgrade.

On an unrelated note, it looks like somebody has their ticket system subscribed to the list… Awesome.

Just a heads-up, I never heard a word from anybody at Phoenix-IX.

Is there anybody still running the IX? Or is it just on autopilot? It’d be nice if anybody had some information on whatever happened to Paul. Hopefully he is okay!

Paul’s LinkedIn seems to show that he checked out in April. Let me know if you have any success reaching anyone there.

Is there anybody else even there? I thought that it was all Paul’s show!

If I was able to (as in, had access to), I would offer to help/run with the IX. I may live in California, but it’s a realistic car trip back and forth to Phoenix.

Is it time for a new IX in Phoenix?

Always a good time for network operators to consider the risks of having any one person as a single point of failure for something kind of important:

Disaster recovery and continuity of business plans should always include the concept of what if some percentage of the key team members were to be suddenly unavailable permanently (the Malaysian airline incident, for example).

I presume that the biggest telcos, cable MSOs and such in the Phoenix region already operate PNIs with each other, so the real question would be what population of ISPs and how much traffic would go across an IX if you subtract the top-six largest last mile service providers.

How is the IX still running? Surely someone must be paying colo rent?


I am running on a huge assumption here, but I think Phoenix-IX runs on donated infrastructure. From what I recall, there was only an NRC to join Phoenix-IX.

And in regards to Walt’s suggestion, it looks like HE already started one with Stellar Technologies. but it is only in a single facility. So until that IX grows, both in peers and footprint, I’m stuck on Phoenix-IX.

I have wondered what happens if a participant storms the IX. Will somebody appear? Because attempts to reach their NOC/peering handles has resulted in a lack of response.

I also wonder how the other Ninja-IX exchanges are running, I haven’t heard anything about them, is there the same lack of communication? Or do those have a local staff?

I am running on a huge assumption here, but I think Phoenix-IX runs on donated infrastructure.

I believe that’s the case.

I also wonder how the other Ninja-IX exchanges are running, I haven't heard anything about them, is there the same lack of communication? Or do those have a local staff?

I just asked the other PCH staff, and the last direct contact we had with Paul was in August of 2019. The last indirect contact was being cc’d on a work ticket that he originated in March of this year.


We're at Iron Mountain there and would welcome one. There was AZ-IX a while back but it's been essentially defunct for some time.

Community IX is doing really good job with Running FL-IX. Phoenix would be interesting indeed. I would love them to consider expanding

I tried to get a link to PHX-IX for months. Never heard back from them, went with Digital Realty Phoenix

An update on my side, we reached out to PhoenixNAP, one of the Phoenix-IX's vendors.

PhoenixNAP reached out all of their contacts at Phoenix-IX and have received no response. They are in as much of the dark as the rest of us. I feel like I'm on the Ghost ship Phoenix-IX.

What I don't understand, is how somebody could abandon a project without passing it to another person or entity. This is extremely irresponsible.

While I agree it is objectively irresponsible to abandon a project without passing it to another, I think that possibly in this situation we don’t know all the details?

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. Perhaps Paul (and whomever else may be responsible for Phoenix-IX) were subject to things this year beyond their control which led them to be unable to work on the project and unable to transfer it, either… unfortunate, yes… but not malicious surely.

If Paul is reading these messages… I think support is the best path forward… If there are things that can be done to assist/take over the IX… maybe that would help (as you, Kate, had offered towards the beginning of this all). Though of course, the first step is reaching them… Maybe this can be turned into a “win” for everyone. So: Paul/Phoenix-IX – let the NANOG community know how they/we can help.

Hello All!

I’ve been out of the loop here and but have some updates.

There was a change last spring and I moved on to other projects. But that hasn’t worked out for the IX.

I have regained access to all of the elements, including the email and voip. Let me reach out to each of you offline in the coming days.

I have been able to reach out to a few locals that are willing to help get the project back up to where it needs to be.

If I haven;t reached out to you in the next 48 hours or you have something urgent, please reach out to me here (my personal email) or via the Phoenix-IX Contacts

+1 602 688-6414

~Paul Emmons

Great news! Paul is attempting to respond! His email, including NANOG bounce is included below.

Paul, thanks for reaching out!

Founder of the below-mentioned 48 IX here. @Paul, I’m glad to see some
attention being given to Phoenix-IX. If I can be of help, or if you see any
opportunities for our two exchanges to partner in any way, just let me know!

Regarding our facility footprint, we’re currently at EdgeConneX EDCPHX01
only, but have had offers for free colocation at both PhoenixNAP & Iron
Mountain AZP-1 (via prospective participants, not the facilities
themselves, although I haven’t asked), we’re just missing the transport
piece. If anyone interested in joining 48 IX is able to help in this area,
we could easily expand to these two facilities very quickly. As of today,
we have Hurricane Electric, Cloudflare, and Stellar Technologies as active

Feel free to reach out to me directly:

Matt Love