Philly Carrier Hotels?

Hello all,

Is 401 West Broad in Philadelphia equivalent to 1 Wilshire, 60 Hudson, 165 Halsey, 55 Market Post Tower, the Westin Building, etc? or is it much smaller? I have been given this address as THE carrier hotel for the Philadelphia area by one of our fiber providers. I would appreciate it if anyone who is familiar can give me any additional info. I need to build out a new POP in PA in May and I want to be in the right building. All suggestions are welcome. I really like TelX and Telehouse models with lots of carriers and no MRC on x connections. I'll gladly buy you a Philly cheesesteak when I'm there for any advice or info you can provide. Thanks!


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401 North Broad, not West Broad - Broad runs N/S.

It's not comparable with 60 Hudson, more like 165 Halsey, both in
quality of the installation and character of the neighborhood.

Haven't been in 1 Wilshire.

401 North Broad is "the" carrier hotel in Philly though... unless
you're using Amtrak fiber in which case there was some space at 30th
St. Station last I checked.


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