Phase 5 Step 6 Schedule

In the final step of the Phase 5 deployment, we will be upgrading both
the Washington DC CNSS and connected sites and the Hartford CNSS and
its connected sites.

Since a number of providers (PSI, Alternet, and NEARnet) have dual
attachment connectivity via these two CNSSs, we have staggered the
upgrades to minimize loss of NSFNET Backbone Service connectivity.

The following is our detailed schedule for Phase 5 Step 6:

   11:00pm 12/17 CE on site at Hartford/Washington POPs
   12:00am 12/18 C51, C59 Upgrade
   01:00am 12/18 CE on site C40(revisit)
   01:30am 12/18 C48, C40, E133, E134 Upgrade
   03:00am 12/18 CE on site E146
   03:30am 12/18 C49, C57, E146 Upgrade
   05:00am 12/18 CE on site C32(revisit)
   05:30am 12/18 C56, C32 Upgrade
   07:00am 12/18 CE on site C72(revisit)
   07:30am 12/18 C58, C72, E145, E136 Upgrade

Please note that the Step 6 window is scheduled from Midnight to 11:30am
on Saturday, December 18th.