Phase 4.

Whats the big deal??? If your just arin, dont panic. Akamai and
digitalocean has been the only people aquire fair priced v4 putside
arin. So arin is ending. It doesnt stop anything. be smart 3 usd
per ip is fair if dirty. F the auct8ons they are fake and we get the ips
lower than op3ning.

Icann is the mast 8 class as real? Distribute them

At the risk of feeding the troll, ARIN is not 'ending'. APNIC and RIPE didn't 'end' when they exhausted their supply of IPv4 addresses.

Will some people acquire IPv4 addresses on the secondary market? Sure, though there are limits to how small chunks of IPv4 can be sliced up and maintain any realistic hope of global routability. That's something that is *not* dictated by the RIRs.


So arin is ending

no. their job is a registrar, a bookkeeping and information function.
some day they may get back to that.



    Sorry Bryan,

    Your post is just to awful to take seriously.

Can someone please check the NANOG mailing list Universal Translator? I think it is broken.

I think you mean a NANOG liver is broken.

-Jim P.

I think you mean 'too awful to take seriously'.

"Not Even Wrong" -- W. Pauli

Bryan is accepting bloody Mary donations this morning.

Wow, I wish I could incoherent this typely!


Keep drinking. You'll get there eventually.

- Matt
(who recommends *not* posting drunk from a work e-mail address)

I can has test fore able two post too this list ???

I can has test fore able two post too this list ???

Haha ymmd really :wink: