Pesky spammers are using my mailbox

It would be really bad form to use BGP to advertise a
specific route to their hosts and DNS server,
and if you're not a Tier 1 provider your advertisements
would probably be blocked anyway.

While using the main Bogon list isn't really appropriate either,
it's a problem that's becoming increasingly common,
and a list of stolen routes is almost the right kind of place for such a thing.
Obviously it's hard to implement cleanly, without opening up things like a
"double Joe Job" attack where the miscreant attacks a web server by
joe-jobbing somebody who'd get the server put on the block list.

I get a mild version of the spammers-using-my-name attack -
spammers sending mail to a closed mailing list I manage,
who get bouncegrams from the list-manager saying that their
posting is delayed for moderator approval,
and if they were from forged addresses I get the bounces from the bouncegrams.