Personal Co-location Registry

IMHO the right way to do this is to build the power cycling
capability into the individual 1U boxen. Again, we
should be talking to the embedded systems folks to
give them a standard set of requirements that everyone
can support.

See Sun Netra LOM. Done.

This may be worth having a workshop
discussion at a NANOG meeting to define requirements.

Won't that lead to an over complicated kitchen sink
(see Sun RSC)? This should be simple it's supposed
to be more reliable than the system it's managing.

I envisage a standard control module with two external
serial ports.

One serial, rj45 is fine

The major complication is that 1U boxes are really built
for Windows where this is useful but only does part of the
job. As it doesn't remote the Windows desktop they don't bother
including it. Likewise we're still stuck with Windows centric
BIOS rather than an OPENBOOT alike. Both need doing to make 1U X86
worthwhile. Is the linux market isn't big enough to be worth
designing for properly?