Personal Co-location Registry

> i've already removed one that was seen on ROKSO (23 listings).
> i don't consider the lists you gave to be credible, but if any
> of the entries in the personal colo registry show up on ROKSO or
> SBL or MAPS or SORBS, you can bet i'll remove them instantly.
Even if the COLO space might be on a totally different netblock?


I mean, people dont post the netblocks they host on, a lookup on the
IP they send mail from could be totally different.

if i think that a colo/hosting operator is segregating their abusive
customers from their nonabusive customers in order to make money from
both while only having the bad ones show up on various blackhole lists,
then i'm likely to refuse to do business with them, and when i ran a
public blackhole list i was likely to put ALL of their netblocks on it.