Personal Co-location Registry


(1) even in germany they call them "19 inch" racks, thus setting the clock
    back several decades.

(2) i'm very interested in listing more non-US locations

(3) i'm interested in listing more locations, period

(4) further additions, or any changes, should be sent in HTML source format

(5) what a great community -- i've learned a LOT in the last four days!

As of March 17 2004

Total personal colo listings: 36

Total providers with one or more addresses block listed: 18

The eighteen providers are sometimes listed on more than one list. I've
included only the first block list found for each provider's address

   SPEWS: 7
   BLARS: 5
   BLIAB: 2
   DSBL: 1

A much better ratio than I expected. Only 50% of the providers are using
addresses from network blocks on one or more block lists. I did *NOT*
check every address in every block, so this may miss additional individual
host listings within the provider's address ranges.