perl lib for management of NX-OS ?

Hi All,

I have an XMLRPC server/API that I implemented (written in perl) to manage most of the cisco kit on the network, with most of the "worker" methods using Net::Telnet::Cisco. Our new datacenter, however, has Cisco Nexus equipment which totally breaks the API since Net::Telnet::Cisco doesn't work at all with NX-OS. I've done some scouring around to try to find something useful for NX-OS, but have come up with nil...

Don't suppose anyone has any pointers or has heard of a similar lib for perl to be able to manage NX-OS based systems? I've tried to find a netconf-xmlrpc-ssh lib, but everything that I've found is specifically geared towards juniper rather than Cisco -- and while netconf is supposed to be "standard" (more or less), there are significant differences between the two implementations sufficient enough to make the libs that I've found incompatible with NX-OS.

Anyone happen to have any ideas ?

Many thanks,