Perhaps OT: Thoughts on venture technology

Dear List,

Allow me a moment to state, mainly, that the NANOG group reprents a far
greater aggregate of technological intellectual property than could ever
be assembled in any tight-knit telecom or dot-com operation.


That many of us, according to human nature, have dreams and desires that
may be fettered by the boundaries of our corporations, or fettered by
the lack of corporation (my condolences to those who have experienced
the impact of downsizing).

Therefore, I would like to share my recent epiphany. My partners and I
founded Broadband Laboratories to act as the foundation to incubate our
bleeding-edge technological dreams into a production quality reality.
My thought was to open up the "Laboratory" function to teams of NANOG
members coordinated to develop, from soup to nuts, selected technology
projects proposed by other NANOG members.

At this juncture I would like to offer coordination of project
management, datacenter, and connectivity resources for selected
technology projects.

A great example would involve distilling interdisciplinary teams of
NANOG members to pursue several development projects.

The compensation plan is a straightforward joint venture. You commit X
resources with an agreed-upon cash value. I commit X resources with an
agreed-upon cash value. If this is a "for profit" project, any proceeds
generated by the project are returned to cover our pre-negotiated costs.
Any profits generated by the project are split evenly as our reward.

If this opportunity interests you, please drop me a note. If you are
not interested, thank you for letting me take a moment out of your day.

Christopher J. Wolff, VP, CIO
Broadband Laboratories