Perceived Y2K problems

Eric Germann [09:23 PM 11/30/99 -0500] wrote:
:sociological effects, namely, everyone watching the ball drop, then going
:off hook to see if they have dial tone, or dialing in to the Internet to
:see if it still works. Since most switches aren't designed for 100% off
:hook load, anyone seen any studies as to whether the switches will crash
:from that?

actually, just yesterday i saw a tv commercial from
the phone company informing everyone that the phone systems
will work and to /not/ go ahead and pick up the phone, right
away because that will cause a serious "problem".

what the actual outcome of the problem may be they
didn't mention (obviously), but i expect it can't be too wonderful
if they are advertising that message on television.

another one that's been popular, and i've heard, is that there
isn't enough "cash" to go around for the demand that will
be requested. but like so, banks have issued statements etc.
actually my bank's statement included, "warning, carrying
excessive amounts of money on you makes you a prime
target for robbery." heh.

-ken harris
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