per-packet load sharing in cef or dcef

per-packet load sharing in cef / dcef just doesn't seem to want to work.

I have two 7500s joined by a frame relay link and a fast ethernet.

Traffic is coming in to one of the 7500s via a third link, and goes
to a loopback on the second 7500.

I have cef turned on

I have "ip load-sharing per-packet" on every interface

The FR and FE have the same ospf cost

The routing tables and "sh ip cef" agree that there are
two equal paths to the loopback.

But all the traffic goes over one link.

I've been through Cisco troubleshooting documents etc.
and as far as I can see, everything is perfect.

Also, a deja search reveals plenty of other people with
similar problems, and no solutions I can see. Are we all
missing something obvious?

I am not sure what is happening for you, but as a general rule of thumb I
don't run per-packet load sharing on circuits that are not 'the same'.
The need for packet re-ordering goes way up when you are running
per-packet on two types of circuit. Are the circuits provisioned for the
same speed at least?


sounds to me like a lab scenario. and while it may not be a good idea in a
production network, it should still work. gonna try labbing it up as well.

what code versions you running, Adam?