Per IP Subscriber DHCP Triggered RADIUS Accounting


I work at small cable operator, and we are using Cisco CNR as DHCP
server. Now, we want to offer
some VAS to our customers. The problem is that we are using CNR as
dhcp server, and VAS server need to know
the ip address of every subscriber (static is not an option). DHCP
lease query is not an option
(something Cisco SCE is using) simply because VAS server does not support it.
The closest thing that comes to my mind is that we use DDNS on CNR to
send DNS updateds to our custom
written daemon that will extract ip and A record (this will be the mac
address of CPE).
Any other options? Has anyone from cable world come to this or
anyother solution?

ok, subject is a little missliding as that would be an option if we
can use Cisco router as DHCP which is not
possible at the moment in our network.