peers, peer-nots, judges/politicians, and you

Here's something with cobwebs on it that bears on the current UUNET discussion.

Well said Paul.

I find it to be a very intriguing question as to where
AT&T is in all this mess. If i were Eric Grimmelmann, I would have been
working real hard for real long on getting tom evslin, to get the AT&T CEO
to cough up an obscene amount of money to be used to *BUY* BBN Planet.

Anyone hear anything about them being in play or know where john curran is
hanging out these days?

The sad thing is that if AT&T does buy BBN and doesn't let the current BBN
management team continue to do its own thing, I think we will see A flood
of BBN talent leave BBN.

I could not agree with this more. It would seem that we are at a point in
time where we should roll up our sleves and work together to save
ourselves. Maybe we should put together a petition of sorts and present
it to UUNet and the likes which will show them that they won't be able to
get away with this. On the other hand, they could just ignore it and we'd
be in the same position which we are in today. I wonder if the 40 or 50
mid-sized providers which stand to suffer from their actions would really
be able to get their attention?

  Brian Horvitz
  WebSecure, Inc.