> Stalk them via DNS... that's as close as it gets. That URL updates once an
> hour if people want to use it, but it really needs someone to design a
> web interface with an updating list of "what's new".

Of course, it'd help if IX operators kept their DNS updated. We're at
7 of the listed IX (aads, linx1, linx2, mae-east, mae-west, nyiix, paix-pao),
but only 4 of them (linx1, linx2, mae-east, nyiix) have a DNS entry for us.

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  Morning Simon. Its interesting that mae-east & nyiix
  have accurate data, while mae-west does not.

  they all use the same process, which is controlled by the
  customer. If the data for these sites is non-existant or
  bad, its the customers fault. They are responsible for
  maintaining it. This is true for any exchange that has
  address space from

  if you would like more detail, shoot me private email.