peeringdb accuracy research

Dear fellow networkers,

I need your help!

For the good of PeeringDB I am researching the accuracy of the current PeeringDB
data set. We plan to compare three sources of information: peeringdb itself,
publicly available listings from IXP operators ... and the ultimate source of
truth: user submitted information, e.g. your "show bgp sum".

Why? I'd rather trust 10 sightings in the wild than one entry in PeeringDB! :slight_smile:

What can you do?

My dear fellow networkers,

Good news everyone, 99% of the parsable data in PeeringDB is valid! :slight_smile:

Measuring this number would have been inpossible without all the submissions
to the research app. Thank you!

If you are interested in the details, please see these slides:

Kind regards,


you mean: 99% of the parsable data in PeeringDB which is maintained by
people conscientious enough to provide the output of "show bgp sum" from
their routers, is valid.

Good talk, and interesting research, but I have a feeling that there might
be some unintentional researcher bias creeping in there. :slight_smile: