Peering versus Transit

Hi Avi,

But what about when you add in the network engineering, monitoring,
and maintenance you need when you run your own network? Have you
checked out market price on clueful network people who dance with
BGP? The cost comparison might look different then...

  I am in the process of finding a dancing sponser right now. I am
  not finding that the salary is really an issue at all. I dunno if
  I'm not as high-priced as some (doubtful, I've rather expensive
  hobbies) but the main challenge for me is/has been finding a fun
  challenging network to grow in a cool environment that has a good
  business plan. Not finding someone to pay me what I want :slight_smile:

  I think when a company looks at paying $X-$Y gross monthly recurring,
  and they know that a clever netsavvy fellow like ourselves can save
  them that in utilization tricks, and can regenerate that revenue through
  clueful conversation with customers, they make some rather astute
  business decisions :slight_smile:

  Large numbers of people are expensive, building large NOCs, support,
  implementation and sales engineers has a mediumish expense when scaled.
  But clueful design/expansion/transition types can have large investments.

  Certainly a modicum of skill is needed in each of those areas, but
  the theory and procedures (IMHO) can originate from a smallerish

  At least, that's what I'm seeing....