Peering versus Transit

Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 09:01:14 +0100
From: "Alex.Bligh" <>

> And of course, to be in a position to "dump data" on a router at an
> exchange, one must have one's own router there peering with *somebody*,
> right?

You needn't peer with anyone

ip route w.x.y.z

will do the trick nicely if you aren't carrying full routing.

Er, why did the exchange operator let you put a router on their switching
fabric if you're not peering there with somebody? Are there actual
cases of people with routers at NAPs/MAEs/xIXs who don't peer with anyone?

Barney Wolff <>

It's possible that the fabric on which EP is built is used for other purposes.
For example, Ameritech NAP runs on the same ATM switch that a research VPN
called MREN runs on.


Of course, it should be pointed out that most NAP operaters distance
themselves from peering agreements and so have no explicit knowledge whether
NAP participants are peering with each other or not, and do not believe it is
appropriate for them to inquire into such. NAP operators provide the
facilities, but whatever the customers do with those facilities is up to them.


Well yes, MFS has let a few people at MAE-East who did not have any
peering, but that was more because MFS was able to sell something the
customer had no clue about. MFS then let them out of the contract. There
are also providers that have only small number of peers and then dump the
rest of the data at some peer without them knowing.

Nathan Stratton CEO, NetRail, Inc. Tracking the future today!

Sorry, I did not answer this fully in my last post. They do it because
they want the $5,700 a month for the connection into the gigaswitch. They
don't care if you have any peering at all.

Nathan Stratton CEO, NetRail, Inc. Tracking the future today!