Peering versus Transit

On Mon, 30 Sep 1996 05:08:59 -0400 (EDT)
"Dorian R. Kim" <> alleged:

> Gee, If people had thought like this 4 or 5 years ago, I wonder if
> we'd have an Internet.

Please remember that 4-5 years ago, things were very very different.
Of course, this is not to say that thing weren't just as fun back then (NSFNE


AUP, CIX, etc, etc)

Oh I remember, I guess that I'm just a little perturbed that bad management
of some of the bigger ISPs and NSPs makes it difficult for the smaller
ISP's to make it, when they choose to implement policies that are, IMO,
taking a backward step, but I guess you pay your money and take your packets.
Pay more money and you can take more packets :slight_smile: