Peering problem with NSP

> Say, I wonder if this'll get me accused of unprofessionalism
> or disreputableness too? It's been a quiet week; nobody has
> ranted about me in far too long.

The world is changing, Sean. And one of the things that is changing is
the definition of "professionalism". Dragging things out into the open,
hashing them out, and resolving issues based on facts is increasingly
being seen as the professional way to do things.

Not :slight_smile:

Hashing out ideas in the open has always been considered "professional"...
the boundary is crossed when the attack is directed toward the person
and not the idea.

This 'core aspect' of professionalism, will never change and hopefully,
will never be 'redefined'. Learning to set boundaries around the
ideas and not the person forwarding the ideas is something we all
work on. Some are more practiced than others. But we all, like
an apple on a tree, or wine in a wooden barrel, are experiencing
life in the same event stream.

The Internet is maturing, slowly, as well. I envision a day when
corporate board meeting, minutes, and political minds meet on
the network and develop policy in an organized, documented manner,
with an elected 'chairperson' to maintain a detached, objective
order of the decision making process. I am on the board on
a new Internet based corporation currently where are motions
and minutes are recorded my our network based secretary.
It is *really* a lot of fun.

As long as we are getting personal and philosophical, lets keep in
mind that the only space-time event that is constant is change.
Even the speed of light is relative to the gravitational field of
the universe ......

The network will experience some very remarkable change over the
coming years.