peering policies and spam

Have any providers gone on record as stating that
they are going to require anti-spam policies in their future peering
agreements? We have the case of a spam attack coming from Cable
and Wireless CWIX.NET customer:
Here is CWIX saying its ok to send in bulk unsolicited email.
We are going to require that our service providers and peers argee
to not pass us spam traffic, by whatever means that they want to
impelement. As a stop gap, I imaging a route map to map all
prefixes arriving out of AS 5683 to Null0 for the time being will
a stop gap, until we can get our providers to drop peering with these

I imagine we will also be pursing legal action as these people are
located in state.

Ouch... IMHO thats C&W showing their newbie status (at least for the UK,
they've only been operating/advertising as an ISP for a couple of months).

I've copied to the UK spamstop list for info/comment.

In <>, on 01/06/98