Peering points

We've seen the SprintNAP as a good place to send data to Sprintlink
and MCI - and UUNET, when we were peering with them there.


FYI Sprint is not allowing anything larger than 6Mb from Pensauken,
circa April 4, 1997, for customer connections that is.

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Well then why did they require us to have FULL T3 into that NAP?

Nathan Stratton President, NetRail,Inc.

Well, because you are not a Sprint CUSTOMER, which is exactly the type
of connection that Avi was talking about (transit customer


Sprint not allowing anything larger than 6meg CUSTOMER connections has
nothing to do with their policy of requiring a DS-3 for a NAP connection.
They could have 500+ 6meg/3meg/1.5meg/DS-3 customers already there....