Peering/Interconnection on the Internet as a Telecom Carrier

I am a proponent of some level of regulation in the Internet as soon as
possible. I think this minimal level of regulation is critical to the
Internets open and unrestricted development.

David - Is not regulation and unrestricted development at odds? The
communications Act of 1996 is an attempt to remove restrictions put in
place in 1934.

The history of the telephone is an excellent of example of why not to
regulate. The 40-years after 1934 was a Tellecommunications dark-age.
Little innovation, diversity of service or choice.

The Internet industry is too young to keep stagnet and survive in a
competitive world market.

As an entrepreneur and a professional in this industry, I urge some
minimal level of immediate regulation such that the application of
accepted telecommunications law and practices are upheld.

Are the accepted telecommunications law and practices such a good
thing to uphold?

If they are not, I fear we will suffer the consequences of the
accumulation of all the economic power over the Internet in to a very
small number of hands. To me this is a very big problem, perhaps one even
worth losing your job over.

David, you stood up for what you believe in and I have a great amount of
respect for that.

Perhaps in a few years we can look back when UUNET and a few others have
put all the other ISP's out of business, and wonder why somthing was not
done. You have a major battle to fight to convince people of that fact,
and if you can, the rest will fall in place. I personally do not agree
that it will happen as I am a great believer in the free markets ability
to self-heal. After all, its just people, and no one likes a company
that doesnt play fair.