Peering in Brazil

Hi all,

I have posted this to the LacNOG list but it seems pretty quite and it
involves North America also, so I hope no one minds me reposting here

I am looking for any guidance and advice people have regarding first
time peerings in South America. Currently I am doing some work with a
content provider in North America and I want to get them better
routers into South America, to South American ISPs. I am looking to
get them an interconnect from their NA location to SA, into a PTT IX
location in Sao Paulo (they seem to be up there for top IXs in SA, or
am I mistaken?).

I'm new to the PTT IXs so does anyone have any recommendations about
any aspect here, support horror stories, reason to prefer one location
for peering over another etc? I see Level3 are in the PTT Sao Paulo
location, and we have access to Level 3 already. Is there someone else
I should be looking at who is especially good at private routes down
to SA, enough to digress from Level 3, or are Level 3 a good choice
here? Again, any past experiences are welcome, and recommendations for
a different IX or provider any why.

Many thanks,

My experience with PTT IXs is great. They are being ran professionally. People who you deal with support is extremely helpful and have knowledge on what they are doing.

Sao Paulo is definitely the biggest but there is significant traffic in other locations as well.