Peering Contact at AS16509

If a contact who manages North American peering at AS16509 could reach out off-list, that would be appreciated. Myself and a few colleagues have attempted to reach out via the contacts listed on PeeringDB on multiple occasions over the last couple of months and have not been successful in reaching someone.

We reached out some time ago using the contact on PeeringDB and had no issue, but the amount of transit consumed to get to 16509 is substantial enough to make responding worth their while.

Their minimum peering is 100G, with 400G preferred, so it’s very possible that if you’re not consuming anywhere close to 100G, the lack of response could correlate to a lack of interest on their side.

Meant to reply to this thread earlier today, but a contact from 16509 reached out directly and got everything squared away for us.

We reached out to them using peeringdb contacts and got the whole thing setup in about 4 weeks. Two IX total about 5gbps peak traffic.

So your mileage may vary. FYI that min peering 100gbps I think is just for PNI. They had no problems setting up sessions over the two IXs we share.