peering charges?

Now, i have a silly question -- should we bother with any elaborate
pricing? I don't think the current Internet economy is broken.

Well, nobody who owns a network is going to ask most of us here on NANOG
how they ought to charge for it, anyway. And for that reason, this thread
is not relevant to NANOG's charter -- we're here to talk operations, right?

The NANOG tie-in comes from the overlap between networks which peer and
networks which work well. In the past, ops folks made peering decisions
based on what would shorten the average AS path or other strictly operational
concerns. Ops folks are hardly ever allowed to make these decisions any
more on the really big networks. Some of us are having trouble adjusting
to that and so we keep talking about the reasons "why".

So no, the current Internet economy isn't broken, but it's sort of surfing,
and the folks on NANOG seem very interested in the directions it's taken and
will yet take. Peering is the perfect example of something which is neither
purely ops nor purely management/finance. We just don't seem to be able to
leave it alone on NANOG, anyway.