Peering BOF VII at NANOG 30 in Miami

Hi again -

We have approval to run the Peering BOF again at the upcoming NANOG 30 in Miami ! Appropriate attire (Hawaiian Shirts) is required :wink:

So, now my job is to draft Peering Coordinators to stand up, introduce themselves, say a few words about their peering requirements, why you should peer with them, etc. in order to facilitate peering. While you introduce yourself I will have a screen behind you that has the answers to the questions below. At the end of the BOF we break for beers and, if history is any indication, peering coordinators meet each other, exchange cards and get some direct peering going.

BTW - This time we may add an agenda topic, perhaps a brief debate
       "Tier 1 Peering Policies: Defensible?".
Taking the Affirmative will be _______, taking the Negative will be ______. (Both TBD, debaters being secretly solicited)


--------------- For Peering Coordinators participating in Peering Personals